[ wawld ]


  1. George, 1906–97, U.S. biochemist: Nobel Prize in medicine 1967.
  2. Lillian, 1867–1940, U.S. social worker.

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Example Sentences

Wald drew on her experience in New York to create such enduring national programs as visiting nurses, school nurses, and community nursing.

From Time

In the book, Wald visits a facility in Africa that cleans portable toilets, enriches her home garden with Swiss-made urine-based fertilizer and sits on pee-diversion toilets in the Netherlands — which go beyond Lapee to harvest both pee and poop.

Pure urine can make fertilizer, but Wald notes that when mixed with sand and bacteria, it can also make bricks.

Then the two hopped in a car and “drove around Chicago like lunatics,” Wald remembered.

Got married and joined an ad agency, Campbell-Wald, in 1949.

Researching Network, Chayefsky trailed Richard Wald, then president of NBC News.

To his credit, Alex Seitz-Wald, the Salon reporter, swiftly corrected his account.

That is when Auria Adams said she looked out her window in the Lillian Wald Houses on East 6th Street and FDR Drive.

He wald gar a man trow that the moon is made of green cheis, or the cat took the heron.

But I have gone into a siding here to see the much-boasted, and, it would seem, newly discovered touring ground of the Wald.

You can spend the night there, and to-morrow very likely, if the wind falls, you will see the Wald Horn before you.

Farther on behind that white ridge you may see the Wald Horn, beaten by a furious storm.

Der Boden erzittert; und nit anders war, denn als ob der Wald lut bruelete.





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