walk away


  1. to leave, esp callously and disregarding someone else's distress
  2. walk away with
    to achieve or win easily

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Example Sentences

We want [fans] to walk away changed or better or at least entertained by it.

After a few moments, four officers exited the vehicle, causing the man to turn and walk away quickly.

Generally when Republican candidates walk away from any of these core conservative principles, they pay a price.

In every negotiation, your strongest tool is the ability to walk away.

What do you hope people who read this book will walk away from it thinking?

Men are tapped on the shoulder by a civil gentleman in a sack suit, and walk away with him, never to be seen again.

On her saying she could, request her to pass her arm round the leg of the table or piano, join her hands, and walk away.

She is full half again as big as we, and she would sail around us a dozen times and then walk away from us without half-trying.

Hollister saw him go about selecting tools, shoulder them and walk away to work in the timber.

When he called at the studio this morning I felt proud to walk away with him.