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walk over

  1. Defeat easily, as in We walked over them in that practice game but don't know how we'll do in the real thing . [Second half of 1900s]

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Example Sentences

At the end of their call, the kid told Becker he would still walk over the bridge, but from now on would not look down.

But his planned attempt to walk over Chicago while blindfolded may be the craziest yet.

And I thought I should come back one day to do a giant walk over the Sydney Cove from the Opera House to the top of the bridge.

We'd skate and walk over the Mile Road and skate and walk over the railroad and skate some more.

Unable to resist, I walk over to the flowerpot-barricade and stretch one leg over onto Croatian soil.

The Man from Time had an impulse to get up, walk over to the two frightened children and comfort them with a reassuring smile.

Norman had now only to walk over the course, no one even approaching him but Harvey Anderson.

We had not time enough to walk over the gardens; but, from a cursory view of them, did not much regret our loss.

At the entrance of the mere a small cruising yacht is lying, the men having gone ashore for a walk over the sand dunes to the sea.

In the North he lets anybody walk over him that wants to, and goes home and prays for a humble spirit to bear it.