[ wawk-on, -awn ]
/ ˈwɔkˌɒn, -ˌɔn /


Also called walking part. a small part in a play or other entertainment, especially one without speaking lines.Compare bit2(def 6).
an entertainer or actor who plays such a part.
an athlete trying out for a team who has not been drafted, specifically invited, scouted, awarded a scholarship, etc.

Origin of walk-on

First recorded in 1900–05; noun use of verb phrase walk on
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  1. a small part in a play or theatrical entertainment, esp one without any lines
  2. (as modifier)a walk-on part


(of an aircraft or air service) having seats to be booked immediately before departure rather than in advance
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"minor non-speaking role," 1902, theatrical slang. Meaning "actor who has such a part" is attested from 1946. The sports team sense is recorded from 1974.

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