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[ wawk-uhp ]


  1. an apartment above the ground floor in a building that has no elevator.
  2. a building, especially an apartment house, that has no elevator.


  1. located above the ground floor in a building that has no elevator.
  2. having no elevator.
  3. accessible to pedestrians from the outside of a building:

    a walk-up teller's window at a bank.



  1. informal.
    1. a block of flats having no lift
    2. ( as modifier )

      a walk-up block

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Word History and Origins

Origin of walk-up1

1915–20, Americanism; noun, adj. use of verb phrase walk up

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Example Sentences

It's nothing for someone to walk up to me in the store or at a restaurant and ask for an autograph or speak to me.

One of these guys recommended that you walk up to a girl in a bar and say, ‘That dress looks awful on you.’

She shook me and we both saw its silver underbelly pass by the window of my fifth-floor walk-up in Greenwich Village.

I moved into a fourth-floor walk-up on Perry Street for $78 a month.

“People would walk up to Tarek and ask him about what to do about ear aches or burns they had,” said Greyson.

He could hardly walk up the rickety front steps of the old tumble-down house, and his thirteen-year-old son had to help him.

I found I was able to walk up that hill with as much ease and speed as any of my coach companions.

They converse in whispers, then walk up the line, and pass slowly back, till they are alongside of me.

Peggy gave a half-sigh and once more began to walk up and down the room.

Then she recommenced her walk up and down the room, carrying the doll carefully on her arm.


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