[adjective, adverb wawl-tuh-wawl; noun wawl-tuh-wawl]


covering the entire floor from one wall to another: wall-to-wall carpeting.
Informal. occupying a space or period of time completely: The dance floor was crowded with wall-to-wall dancers. With no commercial interruptions, the telecast of the game was wall-to-wall action.
Informal. being available everywhere; full of or saturated with something specified: Las Vegas offers wall-to-wall gambling. Her life has been wall-to-wall misery.


from one side to the other; to overflowing: The store was jammed wall-to-wall with late shoppers.


a wall-to-wall carpet.

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Origin of wall-to-wall

First recorded in 1945–50

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(of carpeting) completely covering a floor
informal as far as the eye can see; widespreadwall-to-wall sales in the high street shops
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