[ wol-uhk; German vahl-ahkh ]


  1. Ot·to [ot, -oh, awt, -oh], 1847–1931, German chemist: Nobel Prize 1910.

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It might seem, then, that there’s a trade-off between caring about animals as individuals and caring about them in the context of species and ecosystems, but Wallach argues it’s more complicated.

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In a 2019 study, Wallach and a team of researchers pointed out that non-native species are excluded from world conservation goals.

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“Lighthizer has changed a lot of thinking in dramatic ways, which is terrific,” Wallach said.

The film starred Humphrey Bogart, Eli Wallach, Aldo Ray and Joan Crawford…almost.

A new book by Janet Wallach traces the history of “the Witch of Wall Street.”

Blondie ( Clint Eastwood) and Tuco (Eli Wallach) have finally found the cemetery where they know the gold is buried.

The Wallach pointed to the signal-fires on the mountains, and his face assumed an expression of alarm.

The native name of these people is Vlach, Wallach, or Wallachian.

Therefore the Wallach calls it "the Devil's Garden," and fears to approach it.

The Wallach did not appear to hear the question; he remained in just the same position, blankly staring and immovable.

"Far, far away," whispered the Wallach; then he became dumb once more and buried his forehead in his hands.


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