[ wawl-ahy ]
/ ˈwɔl aɪ /
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noun, plural wall·eyes, (especially collectively for 1, 2) wall·eye.
Also called walleyed pike, jack salmon. a large game fish, Stizostedion vitreum, inhabiting the lakes and rivers of northeastern North America; pikeperch.
any of various other fishes having large, staring eyes.
an eye characteristic of a walleyed person or animal.
(initial capital letter)Military. a series of television-guided bombs with high-explosive warheads, in production since the 1960s.
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Origin of walleye

First recorded in 1515–25; back formation from walleyed
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How to use walleye in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for walleye

/ (ˈwɔːlˌaɪ) /

noun plural -eyes or -eye
a divergent squint
opacity of the cornea
an eye having a white or light-coloured iris
(in some collies) an eye that is particoloured white and blue
Also called: walleyed pike a North American pikeperch, Stizostedion vitreum, valued as a food and game fish
any of various other fishes having large staring eyes

Derived forms of walleye

walleyed, adjective

Word Origin for walleye

back formation from earlier walleyed, from Old Norse vagleygr, from vage, perhaps: a film over the eye (compare Swedish vagel sty in the eye) + -eygr -eyed, from auga eye; modern form influenced by wall
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Medical definitions for walleye

[ wôlī′ ]

Absence of color in the iris.
The condition of having a dense white opacity of the cornea.
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