[wom-buh l, -uh l, wam-]

verb (used without object), wam·bled, wam·bling.

to move unsteadily.
to feel nausea.
(of the stomach) to rumble; growl.


an unsteady or rolling movement.
a feeling of nausea.

Origin of wamble

1300–50; Middle English wamle, obscurely akin to Norwegian vamla to stagger
Related formswam·bli·ness, nounwam·bly, adjective
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verb (intr)

to move unsteadily
to twist the body
to feel nausea


an unsteady movement
a sensation of nausea
Derived Formswambliness, nounwambly, adjective

Word Origin for wamble

C14 wamelen to feel ill, perhaps of Scandinavian origin; compare Norwegian vamla to stagger
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