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[ won-der-er ]


, Scottish History.
  1. a Covenanter persecuted by Charles II and James II, especially one who fled home to follow rebellious Presbyterian ministers who refused to accept episcopacy.

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Example Sentences

Mumford Sons, “Hopeless Wanderer” That one time Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Will Forte, and Jason Sudeikis had a jam session.

The beasts do not accept the type of death they bring; yet they accept the kind that the wanderer brings.

But the wanderer arrives out from the depths of time—he lives with his arms clasped tightly around hunger.

He is a wanderer who spends time at his family home in Mauritius, in Nice, and in New Mexico.

Like that unknown mother, she too had become a houseless wanderer, seeking for a home and shelter from a hard unfeeling world.

Mrs. Rushmere received the poor wanderer with open arms, and thought little of the additional trouble.

I had then telegraphed to a lawyer I knew in Montreal, and he had replied that he was on the track of the wanderer.

The Tin Woodman was so surprised at this frank speech that for a time he did nothing but stare hard at the boy Wanderer.

A knapsack was filled with food and given Woot the Wanderer to carry upon his back, for the food was for his use alone.


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