[ won-der-ing ]
/ ˈwɒn dər ɪŋ /


moving from place to place without a fixed plan; roaming; rambling: wandering tourists.
having no permanent residence; nomadic: a wandering tribe of Indians.
meandering; winding: a wandering river; a wandering path.


an aimless roving about; leisurely traveling from place to place: a period of delightful wandering through Italy.
Usually wanderings.
  1. aimless travels; meanderings: Her wanderings took her all over the world.
  2. disordered thoughts or utterances; incoherencies: mental wanderings; the wanderings of delirium.
seemingly aimless or random movement or locomotion by a person with a mental disorder or cognitive impairment: Wandering by Alzheimer’s patients is a problem in nursing homes.See also elopement(def 2).

Origin of wandering

before 1000; Middle English (noun, adj.), Old English wandrigende (adj.). See wander, -ing2, -ing1


wan·der·ing·ly, adverbwan·der·ing·ness, nounun·wan·der·ing, adjectiveun·wan·der·ing·ly, adverb

Definition for wandering (2 of 2)

[ won-der ]
/ ˈwɒn dər /

verb (used without object)

verb (used with object)

to travel about, on, or through: He wandered the streets.


Mechanics. the drift of a gyroscope or a similar device.

Origin of wander

before 900; Middle English wandren, Old English wandrian (cognate with German wandern), frequentative of wendan to wend; see -er6


wan·der·er, nounout·wan·der, verb (used with object)
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British Dictionary definitions for wandering

/ (ˈwɒndə) /

verb (mainly intr)

(also tr) to move or travel about, in, or through (a place) without any definite purpose or destination
to proceed in an irregular course; meander
to go astray, as from a path or course
(of the mind, thoughts, etc) to lose concentration or direction
to think or speak incoherently or illogically


the act or an instance of wandering

Derived forms of wander

wanderer, nounwandering, adjective, nounwanderingly, adverb

Word Origin for wander

Old English wandrian; related to Old Frisian wandria, Middle Dutch, Middle High German wanderen
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Medical definitions for wandering

[ wŏndər-ĭng ]


Moving about freely; not fixed; abnormally motile.
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