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[ won-der-ing ]


  1. moving from place to place without a fixed plan; roaming; rambling:

    Crowds of wandering tourists crossed the square.

  2. having no permanent residence; nomadic:

    They were historically a wandering people, moving seasonally through the area.

  3. meandering; winding:

    They followed a wandering path down the mountain.


  1. an aimless roving about; leisurely traveling from place to place:

    For our honeymoon we had a period of delightful wandering through Italy.

  2. Usually wan·der·ings.
    1. aimless travels; meanderings:

      Her wanderings took her all over the world.

    2. disordered thoughts or utterances; incoherencies:

      mental wanderings;

      the wanderings of delirium.

  3. seemingly aimless or random movement from one place to another by a person with a mental or cognitive disability or impairment: elopement ( def 2 ).

    Wandering by Alzheimer’s patients is a problem in nursing homes.

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Other Words From

  • wan·der·ing·ly adverb
  • wan·der·ing·ness noun
  • un·wan·der·ing adjective
  • un·wan·der·ing·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wandering1

First recorded before 1000; Middle English (noun, adjective), Old English wandrigende (adjective); wander ( def ), -ing 2( def ), -ing 1( def )

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Example Sentences

Later, information emerged that this sea lion is known for its wanderings.

This is counter-intuitive because spontaneous fluctuations and mind-wandering can also lead to depressive rumination and anxiety.

Similar to playing and dreaming is the wandering of our minds.

When psychologists do that, they find that mind-wandering is staggeringly frequent.

Mind-wandering is often considered a harmless quirk, as in the cliché of the scatter-brained professor.

Mr. Bachner found it by wandering through the market and identified a craftsmen here who works in a tiny booth.

And, in a gratuitous show of homicidal prowess, Moses kills two assassins he meets while wandering in the desert of Sinai.

After wandering at haphazard some little way I met a peasant in a sleigh.

He showed signs of a restless, wandering soul, someone searching for meaning around him.

I spotted American students wandering around London last week dressed in Stars and Stripes shorts and bikini tops.

She observed his pale looks, and the distracted wandering of his eyes; but she would not notice either.

This mode of learning promotes attention and prevents mind-wandering.

He paled a little, and sucked his lip, his eyes wandering to the girl, who stood in stolid inapprehension of what was being said.

John and Judas became the good and evil Wandering Jews of mediæval folklore.

He was relieved to learn that his grandson Moses Mole was not wandering about the garden, after all.


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