verb (used without object), warred, war·ring.


of, belonging to, used in, or due to war: war preparations; war hysteria.

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Origin of war

before 1150; (noun) Middle English, late Old English werre < Old North French < Germanic; cognate with Old High German werra strife; (v.) Middle English, late Old English werrien (transitive) to make war upon, derivative of the noun; compare Old French guerrer, Old North French werreier; akin to war2

Can be confusedwar wore



adjective, adverb Scot. and North England.

Origin of war

1150–1200; Middle English werre < Old Norse verri worse


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open armed conflict between two or more parties, nations, or statesRelated adjectives: belligerent, martial
a particular armed conflictthe 1973 war in the Middle East
the techniques of armed conflict as a study, science, or profession
any conflict or contesta war of wits; the war against crime
(modifier) of, relating to, resulting from, or characteristic of wara war hero; war damage; a war story
to have had a good war to have made the most of the opportunities presented to one during wartime
in the wars informal (esp of a child) hurt or knocked about, esp as a result of quarrelling and fighting

verb wars, warring or warred

(intr) to conduct a war

Word Origin for war

C12: from Old Northern French werre (variant of Old French guerre), of Germanic origin; related to Old High German werra


abbreviation for

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