war party

  1. U.S. History. a group of American Indians prepared for war.

  2. any political party or group that advocates war.

Origin of war party

An Americanism dating back to 1745–55

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How to use war party in a sentence

  • Pop Art exploded onto the scene as an unexpected post-war party—a daring distraction from the anxieties of an age of austerity.

  • His captivity must have taught him that every war-party would be instructed to bring him in alive if possible.

    A Virginia Scout | Hugh Pendexter
  • In spite of his fair hair and blue eyes he has always been closer to the war party than has his father.

    Ways of War and Peace | Delia Austrian
  • The sun had not appeared when the war party left the grove and cantered away toward the Kiowa camp.

    Three Sioux Scouts | Elmer Russell Gregor
  • In the meantime Painted Weasel had ridden away to acquaint his companions with the plans of the war party.

    Three Sioux Scouts | Elmer Russell Gregor
  • Then a warrior rode out on each side of the war party and galloped his pony in a circle.

    Three Sioux Scouts | Elmer Russell Gregor