warm and fuzzy

[ wawrm uhn fuhz-ee ]


, Informal,
  1. having, expressing, or producing feelings of tenderness, love, or affection:

    Attending the birth and holding my newborn child made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    She wasn't a very warm and fuzzy mother.

  2. having, expressing, or producing a sense of being heartened, comforted, uplifted, or cheered, often in a nostalgic way:

    Gradually they learn not to mistrust each other, but that's as warm and fuzzy as the movie gets.

    Doesn't it make you all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that our banks posted record profits?

  3. filled with or expressing feelings of altruism, benevolence, nobility, etc., often in a self-conscious or self-congratulatory way:

    The warm and fuzzy feeling that arises when helping others is what drives many to donate.

    Wearing the symbol lets you feel warm and fuzzy about having done something without having to do anything.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of warm and fuzzy1

First recorded in 1980–85

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Example Sentences

Forget a sensitive GOP, a nurturing GOP, a warm-and-fuzzy, women-wooing GOP.

Sweater vests can give a guy a certain warm-and-fuzzy, old-fashioned Father Knows Best appeal.

Before the game, Chinese media had been trying to play up the warm-and-fuzzy symbolism of the exhibition match.





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