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Origin of warp

before 900; (v.) Middle English werpen, Old English weorpan to throw; cognate with German werfen, Old Norse verpa, Gothic wairpan; (noun) Middle English warpe, Old English wearp; cognate with German Warf, Old Norse varp

Related formswarp·age, nounun·warp·ing, adjective

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to twist or cause to twist out of shape, as from heat, damp, etc
to turn or cause to turn from a true, correct, or proper course
to pervert or be perverted
(tr) to prepare (yarn) as a warp
nautical to move (a vessel) by hauling on a rope fixed to a stationary object ashore or (of a vessel) to be moved thus
(tr) (formerly) to curve or twist (an aircraft wing) in order to assist control in flight
(tr) to flood (land) with water from which alluvial matter is deposited


the state or condition of being twisted out of shape
a twist, distortion, or bias
a mental or moral deviation
the yarns arranged lengthways on a loom, forming the threads through which the weft yarns are woven
the heavy threads used to reinforce the rubber in the casing of a pneumatic tyre
nautical a rope used for warping a vessel
alluvial sediment deposited by water
Derived Formswarpage, nounwarped, adjectivewarper, noun

Word Origin for warp

Old English wearp a throw; related to Old High German warf, Old Norse varp throw of a dragging net, Old English weorpan to throw

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