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wash up


  1. to wash (dishes, cutlery, etc) after a meal
  2. intr to wash one's face and hands


  1. the end, outcome of a process

    in the washup, three candidates were elected

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Example Sentences

Bodies are often caught in fishing nets or wash up on the shores.

Just wash up after events that involve a lot of hand contact, such as sports games or business meetings.

"It's out there and we will see it continue to wash up on our beaches," he says.

Even as more tar balls wash up, Congress is on pace to break its record on oil industry contributions.

She was pushed into a kitchen and bidden to wash up some cups and saucers.

Wash up; and by the time you're ready Barker ought to be back, and we'll have supper.

Duchess, you and this wild young thing spread the banquet-table while I wash up.

We shall then have a propper cook, and I shall never help Betty wash up any more.

Then wash up in the lavatory and meet me on the front verandah, where well have something cool to drink for such warm laborers.