/ (ˈwɒʃˌbeɪsən) /

  1. Also called: washbowl a basin or bowl for washing the face and hands

  2. Also: wash-hand basin a bathroom fixture with taps, used for washing the face and hands

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How to use washbasin in a sentence

  • A piece of wire formed into the shape shown in the sketch makes a handy hook to hold a washbasin when it is not in use.

  • One evening I stepped to the door to throw out a washbasin of water and saw a large dog standing there.

  • A wooden shoe box, upon which was a tin washbasin and pitcher, stood near the end of the room.

    The Awakening of the Desert | Julius C. Birge
  • The boys' workshop was equipped with a washbasin and they soon made themselves presentable.

  • There he found a tin washbasin, some water, and a towel, and for ten minutes he worked with them.

    Square Deal Sanderson | Charles Alden Seltzer