Washington State


  1. the state of Washington, especially as distinguished from Washington, D.C.

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Example Sentences

In Washington State, leaders in Seattle and the neighboring city of Burien have also passed hazard pay ordinances, and both have been sued by industry groups there.

From Eater

He eventually found his way to Columbia in 2010, learning strategy and game management from Smith, who last season was named head coach at Washington State.

He visited Washington State where Thompson played, and Davidson where Steph Curry played.

From Ozy

Weaker in Washington State…Then there’s Washington, home to Amazon and Microsoft.

From Digiday

Rodman accelerated her pro path by leaving Washington State midway through her freshman year.

Washington State is on the verge of passing new gun control legislation.

Novoselic said he takes online social science classes at Washington State University.

Plus hanging with a specific hangman never stopped and still is used in New Hampshire and Washington State.

Then came a rejection letter from the Washington State Department of Health.

Two weeks from Thanksgiving Day, potheads all over Washington State will finally get to emerge from the shadows, bongs held high.

A very hot and dusty ride through Washington State,—part of it pretty enough and part of it by no means so.

It was like when he was fishing once on Terra, in Washington State, fishing for bass.

This report was confirmed apparently by advices reaching the Washington State Department.





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