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[ weyst-bas-kit, -bah-skit ]


  1. a standing basket for wastepaper, small items of trash, etc.


/ ˈweɪstˌbɑːskɪt /


  1. an open receptacle for paper and other dry litter Also called (esp in Britain)wastepaper basket

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wastebasket1

First recorded in 1855–60; waste + basket

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Example Sentences

They also offer office accessories such as crocodile desk sets, wastebaskets and storage boxes.

Empty the pan into the fire, which is safer than dumping stray embers into a wastebasket or vacuuming them up, where they could set a bag of collected dust on fire.

The small, easily stored, no-basket design fits most wastebaskets.

While the wastebasket fills quickly, it is easy to empty and pulls completely out of the shredder.

A safety mechanism turns off the machine if the head is removed from the wastebasket, keeping hands and fingers safe.

It will end up shriveled up, dried up, dead; rolled up in dirty gauze and tossed into a wastebasket, quickly forgotten.

Beard nodded, and without another word, Kenney flung the work into the wastebasket.

What did you do—go through his wastebasket and find his pay stub?

Well, ultimately, the screenplay is the only part of a movie that you can fit into a wastebasket.

I even remember throwing the pieces into the round wooden wastebasket in our living room.

I finished cleaning out my desk and took a wastebasket full of papers to the back shop.

Bassett winnowed these carefully, brushing the chaff into his wastebasket and retaining a few kernels for later use.

Anything like that I always take and I tear up and put in the wastebasket.

Hall went through the wastebasket, the clothes hanging in the closet, every drawer in the bureau.

She tossed a slip into the wastebasket beside her and glanced at the next slip.


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