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[ wey-sting ]


  1. gradually reducing the fullness and strength of the body:

    a wasting disease.

  2. laying waste; devastating; despoiling:

    the ravages of a wasting war.


  1. Geology. mass wasting.


/ ˈweɪstɪŋ /


  1. prenominal reducing the vitality, strength, or robustness of the body

    a wasting disease

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Derived Forms

  • ˈwastingly, adverb
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Other Words From

  • wasting·ly adverb
  • wasting·ness noun
  • non·wasting adjective noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of wasting1

1200–50; Middle English; waste, -ing 2, -ing 1
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Example Sentences

Americans are so accustomed to the standard intersection that we rarely consider how dangerous it can be — as well as costly, time-wasting, and polluting.

The new study shows that a bloom of nutrient-loving bacteria can drain oxygen from the water, leading to sea-star wasting.

Pinpointing the likely cause of wasting could help experts better treat sick starfish, Hewson says, at least in the lab.

This results from one or a combination of factors, such as reduced function of the heart to enable movement or prolonged movement, less efficiency in muscles, fatigue or muscle wasting.

And, from the south, chronic wasting disease is poised to decimate the elk herds.

Lynn Meekins, the managing editor, decided against wasting time and energy on extras.

She was once quoted as saying that she wanted to help all women who “are not wasting life being a housekeeper.”

Once you raised it, a massed army was wasting away, whether it fought or not, or whether it advanced, retreated, or stood still.

Wasting no time, the two of them clambered onto the desk, pushing aside the flag of the Soviet Union that covered it.

Why didn't he send a trooper to report at once instead of wasting time in going to Stony Crossing?

But there are few minds which can remain firm while immured for months in the wasting misery of a dungeon.

The tedious, dilatory time and money-wasting “come later on” procedure of times gone by no longer obtains.

He kept on pulling at one twig after another with his trunk, nibbling and wasting everything.

Lloyd has gone away alone, and three years have passed, and now he lies dying of a wasting disease.





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