[ wuh-tahp, wa- ]
/ wəˈtɑp, wæ- /


a thread made by North American Indians from the divided roots of certain conifers and used in weaving and sewing.

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Also wat·tap, wa·ta·pe [wuh-tah-pee, wa-] /wəˈtɑ pi, wæ-/.

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Examples from the Web for watap

  • The watap, wet or dry, does not yield, and has therefore been found to be the best thing of all others for this purpose.

  • These threads are as strong as the best cords of hemp, and are known among the Indians by the name of “watap.”

  • In a country, therefore, where hemp and flax cannot be readily procured, the “watap” is of great value.

  • Thus placed, they were all firmly lashed with strong cords of watap, by means of holes pierced in the bottom plank.

British Dictionary definitions for watap


/ (wæˈtɑːp, wɑː-) /


a stringy thread made by North American Indians from the roots of various conifers and used for weaving and sewing

Word Origin for watap

C18: from Canadian French, from Cree watapiy

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