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water down


  1. to dilute or weaken with water
  2. to modify or adulterate, esp so as to omit anything harsh, unpleasant, or offensive

    to water down the truth

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Derived Forms

  • ˌwatered-ˈdown, adjective

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Idioms and Phrases

Dilute or weaken, as in He watered down that unfavorable report with feeble excuses . [Mid-1800s]

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Example Sentences

In most ways, the creators of the musical did not want to water down the Tevye they knew and loved.

Netanyahu might have challenged the court or tried to water down the basic law.

Rescuers have already begun sending supplies and water down the hole.

As moderate leaders, it is not our intent to water down the president's agenda.

On coming out his skin would be shining like ebony, and he would squeal with pleasure as I rubbed water down his back.

At noon dined at home, and I by water down to Woolwich by a galley, and back again in the evening.

You carried two buckets of water down to him, and he thanked you when he drank it.

With the forest cover removed, there is nothing to obstruct the flow of water down the mountain sides.

Let me see, we left those two bad dogs pouring water down the hole, to get Uncle Wiggily out, didn't we?


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