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water bottle


  1. any of various types of container for drinking water, such as a skin or leather bag used in some countries, a glass bottle for table use, or a flask used by soldiers or travellers

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Example Sentences

“You demand loyalty from people, but you never show it,” he complained to the boss, prompting Ailes to hurl a water bottle at him.

A smart water bottle monitors your water intake throughout the day and tells you whether to drink more or less.

He had only a one-pound tin of lard, half a small loaf of bread and his water bottle to keep him going.

A half-full plastic water bottle balances on the ledge below a dirty mesh curtain tied in a knot.

In the callback audition I tried getting her to throw this water bottle at our casting director, and she said, ‘I won’t do that.

Light and nourishing dishes are prepared for my dinner; a hot-water bottle is placed in my bed; and in the bedroom a fire is lit.

A candle stood in an empty soda-water bottle on each side of the looking-glass, and there was no other light.

The Merrimac was the cork with which they wanted to fasten up the Spanish ships in the water-bottle of Santiago.

Procure a large water bottle and have a glass cutter cut the top off so that the lower portion will form a jar about 8-1/2 in.

Having recovered my senses, I was thirsty again, so I lit a candle and went to the table on which my water bottle was.


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