water bottle

  1. any of various types of container for drinking water, such as a skin or leather bag used in some countries, a glass bottle for table use, or a flask used by soldiers or travellers
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flask, jug, bottle, bota, thermos, flacon, flasket

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Historical Examples of water bottle

  • I dashed into my berth, grabbed my water-bottle, and thrust it into his hands.

    Lord Jim

    Joseph Conrad

  • He drank the entire contents of the water-bottle and called for more.

  • In a few moments he reappeared with a water-bottle and a large chunk of bread.

    The Emma Gees

    Herbert Wes McBride

  • He got up to drink from the water-bottle and opened the window.

    Madame Bovary

    Gustave Flaubert

  • A water-bottle was handed to the poor fellow, and they heard him drink with avidity.

    The Kopje Garrison

    George Manville Fenn