water hog


informal a person who uses water selfishly or irresponsibly, esp during a water shortage

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Historical Examples of water hog

  • The creature made little or no resistance; and having dragged it up to the fire, we saw that it was a capybara, or water-hog.

    The Young Llanero

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • Why does it allow a water-hog to fatten at the expense of those whom it holds in its iron grasp?

    The Discards

    Lucullus Virgil McWhorter

  • The water-hog (P. khk-b, Platanista gangetica, the porpoise) is another.

    The Bbur-nma in English

    Babur, Emperor of Hindustan

  • They are partly webbed, and thus adapted to the aquatic life it enjoys, and which has gained for it the name of the water-hog.

    The Western World

    W.H.G. Kingston