water line

or wa·ter·line

[ waw-ter lahyn, ]


  1. Nautical. the part of the outside of a ship's hull that is just at the water level.
  2. Naval Architecture. any of a series of lines on the hull plans of a vessel representing the level to which the vessel is immersed or the bottom of the keel. Compare load line, Plimsoll line.
  3. the line in which water at its surface borders upon a floating body.
  4. Also called watermark. a line indicating the former level or passage of water:

    A water line all around the cellar served as a reminder of the flood.

  5. a pipe, hose, tube, or other line for conveying water.
  6. waterline, the slightly wet inner rim of skin between the upper or lower eyelashes and the eye, especially with reference to the use of eyeliner:

    Apply pencil eyeliner to your upper and lower waterlines.

water line


  1. a line marked at the level around a vessel's hull to which the vessel will be immersed when afloat
  2. a line marking the level reached by a body of water

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Word History and Origins

Origin of water line1

First recorded in 1615–25
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Example Sentences

It offers professional grade pressure, an optional accessory water tank that allows it to be directly plumbed to a water line, and plenty of flavor options.

Snip the bottom of the stems and take off any leaves that will be under the water line.

The hilly area was rural, with residents living off chicken and hogs and without sewers and water lines until the 1950s.

Afterward, some people suggested that Georgia Power should pay for county water lines to be built to their homes so they wouldn’t have to drink from the wells anymore.

When you make a request, a turbine in an undersink control box measures out liquid from the water lines, while a device called a thermistor regulates heat.

“Theoretically, a person could survive in one of the cabins that is above the water line for days,” he said.

The first and second regattas introduced races for boats or yachts of 25 feet and 30 feet on the load water-line.

(d) The yacht shall show at least one-quarter of an inch of her rudder-post clear of the water when on her load-water-line.

In vain Lamont skilfully pierced the planking beneath water line.

A lookout cage, constructed of steel, was fitted on the foremast at a height of about 95 feet above the water line.

There were none below the water-line, but each wave swept through the holes on the sides.





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