water slide

or wa·ter·slide

[ waw-ter slahyd, wot-er ]

  1. a wet slide that ends in a pool or other area of water, especially a long, twisting slide or chute at a water park: I like the water slides where you ride down on a tube, but my favorites are the ones you just sit directly on.

Origin of water slide

First recorded in 1885–90

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How to use water slide in a sentence

  • It’s emblematic of the dreamlike Hawaii resort experience, with meticulously groomed grounds of colorful hibiscus and fragrant bougainvillea and plumeria, two swimming pools connected by a water slide and a third pool strictly for adults.

    A Maui vacation in three acts | Alex Pulaski | February 12, 2021 | Washington Post
  • For those who like to do their swimming indoors, the estate has a massive indoor swimming pool with waterfalls and a water slide.

  • The stream looked smaller, and the water-slide less terrible, than they seemed in the book.

    Fisherman's Luck | Henry van Dyke
  • With that, I girt up my breeches anew, and slung the fish tighter round my neck, and began to climb up through the water-slide.

  • So I lay watching the cruel water slide past, while a host of impossible schemes flashed through my bewildered brain.

    Lorimer of the Northwest | Harold Bindloss
  • There was one, a water-slide rather than a fall, which I stopped long to admire.

    Pencillings by the Way | N. Parker Willis
  • And so should we, my sons,” said the big fellow, “if we had gone down that water-slide on the first raft.

    To Win or to Die | George Manville Fenn