water wagon

  1. a wagon used to transport water, as in military field operations or on a construction site.

Idioms about water wagon

  1. on the water wagon. wagon (def. 14).

Origin of water wagon

First recorded in 1805–15

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How to use water wagon in a sentence

  • William and Kate were on the water wagon again at a recent dinner to raise money for their old university St Andrews.

  • The Zodiacal sharp who runs things during January is Aquarius, which being translated means "water-wagon."

  • Your letter was not brought up by the water-wagon this evening, but by an orderly—the mud prevented wheel-traffic.

    Carry On | Coningsby Dawson
  • What's this I hear, son, about you falling off the water-wagon and filling the hospital?

    The Sheriff's Son | William MacLeod Raine
  • And, you know, the consequence of that masterly silence is that I've gone on the water-wagon—yes, sir—for a year.

    A Good Samaritan | Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
  • "Fell off that water-wagon kind o' sudden, didn't you, Bud," but without even a curious glance emptied his glass.

    Wide Courses | James Brendan Connolly