[ wot-kinz ]


  1. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

Watkins’s lawyer has argued that she came to Washington not to join an insurrection, but to provide security to speakers, lawmakers and other marchers to the Capitol directed by the president.

Prosecutors allege Caldwell and Watkins were key figures in the riot that led to five deaths and assaults on about 140 police officers.

Watkins, the public health chief, found himself battling covid-19 doubters.

Watkins was sidelined during the AFC playoffs because of a calf injury.

Watkins, of Woodstock, Ohio, told the Ohio Capital Journal last week that she formed a group known as the Ohio State Regular Militia in 2019 and that it had patrolled 12 protests to “protect people” on both sides.

Watkins recently wrote to the Supreme Court urging Chief Justice John Roberts to take action against Fuller.

How great would it be if Michaela Watkins or Marcia Gay Harden was nominated for the canceled Trophy Wife?

For his part, Watkins says the breakup was “blown out of proportion.”

Harden and former SNL star Michaela Watkins mine nuanced brilliance out of what could easily be ex-wife clichés.

“He felt deep down that I should have my own show,” was what Watkins said Michaels told her at the time of the blindsiding.

"Watkins," said Bean distinctly, recalling the name that had revealed the fictitious and Hartford origin of It.

He left Watkins or Adams staring after him in some bewilderment, a forgotten finger between the leaves of the Badaeker.

In the camp with his men Mr. Watkins was having stirring times.

Della Watkins gave me some flowers to-day, so I shall have one to put on the waiter.

They were put first in the long line of twos, while Dorothy and Della Watkins, who were the tallest of all, were the very last.





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