wave equation

  1. Mathematics, Physics. any differential equation that describes the propagation of waves or other disturbances in a medium.

  2. Physics. any of the fundamental equations of quantum mechanics whose solutions are possible wave functions of a particle.

Origin of wave equation

First recorded in 1925–30

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How to use wave equation in a sentence

  • Quantum mechanics holds that quantities like charge and mass are quantized—made up of discrete, countable units that cannot be subdivided—but that things like space, time, and wave equations are fundamentally continuous.

    Tomorrow’s computer, yesterday | Simson Garfinkel ’87, PhD ’05 | April 28, 2021 | MIT Technology Review

British Dictionary definitions for wave equation

wave equation

  1. physics a partial differential equation describing wave motion. It has the form ∇²φ = (1/ c ²) × (∂²φ/∂ t ²), where ∇² is the Laplace operator, t the time, c the speed of propagation, and φ is a function characterizing the displacement of the wave

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Scientific definitions for wave equation

wave equation

  1. A partial differential equation that describes the shape and movement of waves, given a set of boundary conditions (such as the initial shape of the wave, or the evolution of a force affecting the wave).

  2. The fundamental equation of wave mechanics. See also Schrödinger's equation.

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