or wa-wa

[ wah-wah ]
/ ˈwɑˌwɑ /


producing a muted, bawling sound like that of a trumpet with the hand moved momentarily over the bell: a wah-wah effect on a synthesizer; a guitar with a wah-wah pedal.


a sound or effect like the muted sound of a trumpet, especially in music.
an electronic device or attachment to produce such a sound, often used with an electric guitar.

Origin of wah-wah

First recorded in 1925–30; imitative

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[ wah-wah ]
/ ˈwɑˌwɑ /


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Examples from the Web for wawa

  • By the way, the reports that he found a Wawa touch-screen menu “amazing” are misleading.

  • (spoiled); and poor Wawa puckered up his little rosy mouth, and began to cry most piteously.

    Funny Little Socks|Sarah. L. Barrow
  • Next day he arrived before the walls of Wawa, in the neighbourhood of the far-famed river.

    Great African Travellers|W.H.G. Kingston
  • Then there must be a great “wawa,” or discussion by the Indians.

    The Columbia River|William Denison Lyman

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/ (ˈwɑːˌwɑː) Canadian West coast slang /


speech; language


(intr) to speak

Word Origin for wawa

C19: from Chinook Jargon; probably of imitative origin

British Dictionary definitions for wawa (2 of 3)


/ (ˈwɑːˌwɑː, ˈwɑːwə) /


Canadian a variant of wavey

British Dictionary definitions for wawa (3 of 3)


/ (ˈwɑːˌwɑː) /


the sound made by a trumpet, cornet, etc, when the bell is alternately covered and uncovered: much used in jazz
an electronic attachment for an electric guitar, etc, that simulates this effect

Word Origin for wah-wah

C20: of imitative origin
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