wax tablet

[ waks-tab-lit ]

  1. a tablet made of bone, wood, etc., and covered with wax, used by the ancients for writing with a stylus.

Origin of wax tablet

First recorded in 1800–10
  • Sometimes waxed tab·let [wakst-tab-lit] /ˈwækst ˈtæb lɪt/ .

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How to use wax tablet in a sentence

  • In the schools the wax-tablet supplied the place of the slate, and in daily life was a substitute for our note-book.

  • When she was twelve, her friend Mr. Albert H. Munsell, the artist, let her experiment with a wax tablet and a stylus.

    Story of My Life | Helen Keller
  • It is true a wax tablet with writing has been found; yet this contains—receipts of auctions.

    Italy, the Magic Land | Lilian Whiting
  • A slave was reading to him from a roll, and he was taking notes on a wax tablet.

    Callias | Alfred John Church
  • Perhaps he would not have read it at all if it had been written on an ordinary wax tablet.

    Roads from Rome | Anne C. E. Allinson