ways and means

plural noun

legislation, methods, and means of raising revenue for the use of the government.
methods and means of accomplishing or paying for something.



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Origin of ways and means

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50
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Example sentences from the Web for ways and means

  • I'm going to be chairman, speaker, program, and ways-and-means committee of this meeting.

    Roast Beef, Medium|Edna Ferber
  • She simply sat and looked at poor Kate like the chairman of a ways-and-means committee who is waiting to hear all the reports.

    The Lookout Man|B. M. Bower

British Dictionary definitions for ways and means

ways and means

pl n

the revenues and methods of raising the revenues needed for the functioning of a state or other political unit
(usually capital) a standing committee of the US House of Representatives that supervises all financial legislation
the methods and resources for accomplishing some purpose
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