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[ wey-sahyd ]


  1. the side of the way; ways; land immediately adjacent to a road, highway, path, etc.; roadside.


  1. being, situated, or found at or along the wayside:

    a wayside inn.


/ ˈweɪˌsaɪd /


    1. the side or edge of a road
    2. modifier situated by the wayside

      a wayside inn

  1. fall by the wayside
    to cease or fail to continue doing something

    of the nine starters, three fell by the wayside

  2. go by the wayside
    to be put aside on account of something more urgent

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wayside1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; way 1, side 1

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Idioms and Phrases

see fall by the wayside .

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Example Sentences

The other issue was around creative because there was a weird belief that if we’re not a small room presenting an idea to a client then it would all fall by the wayside.

From Digiday

Arguably, it was 2016 — and not 2020 — when bellwether counties first showed signs of falling by the wayside, given their dramatic swing to the right in that election.

Old rules have fallen by the wayside, in some cases because there were urgent needs that outweighed the value of tradition, and often because the familiar rules no longer seemed to make sense.

If I ask my supervisors, they’ll tell me it’s fine to let some tasks fall by the wayside, but they all have different views on which tasks can be let go.

“Vaccinate” your pet against missing youSince the shutdowns began, many of our schedules have gone to the wayside.

Some of these projects have fallen by the wayside; others may still be in the works.

And as far as actual exploration and discovery, that gets thrown by the wayside.

The re-positioning on issues that Priebus favored has fallen by the wayside, a casualty of the internal wars within the party.

Soon the others fall by the wayside, and we are left with Jones struggling to draw what notes he has left of him out into the air.

There was very little upward mobility; generation after generation fell to the wayside.

Another curiosity by the wayside which led to wonder on Yung Pak's part was an old trunk of a tall tree.

See what a long list the wayside commons make from London to Portsmouth.

I could weep at being left by the wayside; left with the grass and the clouds and a few dumb animals.

“Life is a rugged and a lonely road, but flowers always grow on the wayside,” said Padna.

Ruth and Mr Bellingham plunged through the broken ground to regain the road near the wayside inn.


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