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wear out

[ wair out ]

verb phrase

  1. to make or become unfit or useless through hard or extended use, exposure to sunlight or hard water, etc.:

    Our daughter always wore out her play clothes before she outgrew them.

  2. to exhaust, as by continued strain; weary:

    Your endless bickering is wearing me out.

    The people’s patience was being worn out by this tedious uncertainty and long waiting.

    Synonyms: drain, fatigue, tire

  3. to deprive of meaning or effect by frequent repetition:

    That excuse was worn out long ago—I’m tired of hearing it.

    We’re going to wear out the words “amazing” and “incredible” if we keep overusing them.

  4. to consume or remove, or be consumed or removed, especially slowly or gradually:

    Avoid placing the pavement painting where heavy foot traffic will wear out the paint faster.


  1. the act or fact of wearing out or being worn out; a worn-out condition:

    I’ve had these pants for 20 years, and they’re only now showing some wear-out at the knees.

wear out


  1. to make or become unfit or useless through wear
  2. tr to exhaust or tire

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wear out1

First recorded in 1895–1900; noun use of verb phrase wear out

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Idioms and Phrases

  1. wear out one's welcome. welcome ( def 10 ).

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Example Sentences

To me they come off like extended skits that wear out their welcome long before the halfway mark.

Most people are now dying because their bodies wear out, one way or another and stop repairing themselves.

Not a raid, authorities say, but a pressure tactic, as police look to wear out a man they want to capture alive.

This rebellion is less a sprint than a marathon, with each side attempting to wear out its opponent in a contest of endurance.

As the bits of stone wear out they are replaced by others, which fall in from above.

Human individuals do wear out and have to be replaced by reproduction.

Hunger and pain and toil were doing their best to wear out his strength.

Words of consolation are but empty sounds, for to time alone it belongs to wear out the tears of affliction.

Ef you wear out your poor old throat talkin, you may get de sumption; and den whatd become o me?


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