wear well

Last under continual or hard use; also, withstand criticism or the test of time. For example, These boots have worn well, or His poetry wears well. [Mid-1500s]

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How to use wear well in a sentence

  • Brown and gray mixtures are always fashionable and wear well.

    The Complete Bachelor | Walter Germain
  • Something that will wear well is what this type asks for when he drops in to buy a suit.

    How to Analyze People on Sight | Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict
  • It is a dust-shedding material, does not shrink, and bears hard wear well.

    Textiles and Clothing | Kate Heintz Watson
  • They say it is because you don't wear well, and the men only flirt with you and leave you.'

    Clemence | Retta Babcock
  • I have heard people say that the pyro-silver does not wear well, being easily scratched and otherwise injured.

    Household Organization | Florence Caddy