[ weer-ee-nis ]
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  1. the state or condition of being physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion, strain, etc.; tiredness; fatigue: Weariness, pain, and hunger made the wretched man fall asleep, and he slept the whole night.

  2. impatience or dissatisfaction with something tedious or burdensome (often used in combination): The people have begun to show a war-weariness and apathy brought on by the long, brutal struggle for independence.At 50, the singer still has boyish charm with none of the weariness of life—he’s curious, passionate, and engaged.

  1. the quality of causing such fatigue or dissatisfaction; a tiring or tedious quality: The summer heat only heightened the weariness of their journey.

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  • self-wea·ri·ness, noun

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