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[ wejd ]


  1. having the shape of a wedge.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of wedged1

First recorded in 1545–55; wedge + -ed 3
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Example Sentences

Some songs get wedged in our memories entirely because of one line.

Wedged between two marble buildings at the lavishly designed Lincoln Center, sits a single white tent.

This mini command center is wedged into a conference room about 200 feet from the debate hall.

On the way, we found ourselves wedged in traffic between a couple of Mercedes Benzes and a shiny new Jaguar.

When he could go no further without crampons, Sher wedged himself inside a crack between two boulders and waited for the sun.

As he spoke he wedged himself between Grandfather Mole and the stem of the toadstool umbrella.

He was wedged in behind some stout women, and had the pleasure of hearing another word or two from Mrs. Kattle.

His revolver had been wedged into the baby-gate extension arm of his own desk telephone.

Some bits of broken crockery furnished his table, a board wedged against the rock.

Queeker followed close, and all three were wedged together in the crowd, and swept towards the banquet-hall.


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