[ wee-vuhl ]
/ ˈwi vəl /
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Also called snout beetle. any of numerous beetles of the family Curculionidae, which have the head prolonged into a snout and which are destructive to nuts, grain, fruit, etc.
any of numerous related beetles.
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Origin of weevil

before 900; Middle English wevel,Old English wifel; cognate with Old High German wibil beetle; akin to wave
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How to use weevil in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for weevil

/ (ˈwiːvɪl) /

Also called: snout beetle any beetle of the family Curculionidae, having an elongated snout (rostrum): they are pests, feeding on plants and plant productsSee also boll weevil
Also called: pea weevil, bean weevil any of various beetles of the family Bruchidae (or Lariidae), the larvae of which live in the seeds of leguminous plants
any of various similar or related beetles

Derived forms of weevil

weevily, adjective

Word Origin for weevil

Old English wifel; related to Old High German wibil; compare Old Norse tordӯfill dungbeetle
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