[ wahy-gee-luh, -jee-, wahy-guh-luh ]
/ waɪˈgi lə, -ˈdʒi-, ˈwaɪ gə lə /


any of various shrubby, eastern Asian plants belonging to the genus Weigela, of the honeysuckle family, having funnel-shaped white, pink, or crimson flowers.

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Also wei·ge·li·a [wahy-gee-lee-uh, -jee-] /waɪˈgi li ə, -ˈdʒi-/.

Origin of weigela

1840–50; < New Latin, named after C. E. Weigel (1748–1831), German physician; see -a2

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/ (waɪˈɡiːlə, -ˈdʒiː-, ˈwaɪɡɪlə) /


any caprifoliaceous shrub of the Asian genus Weigela, having clusters of pink, purple, red, or white showy bell-shaped flowers

Word Origin for weigela

C19: from New Latin, named after C. E. Weigel (1748–1831), German physician

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Word Origin and History for weigela



1846, from the name of German physician C.E. Weigel (1748-1831).

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