[ wahyn-bur-ger ]


  1. Caspar W(illard) Cap, 1917–2006, U.S. government official: Secretary of Defense 1981–87.
  2. Ja·ro·mir [yahr, -, uh, -meer], 1896–1967, Czech composer, in the U.S.

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Example Sentences

If you listen carefully to the nearly 13 minute outro of “Last Call,” you can hear a sample of Weinberger talking about signing West.

From Time

He returned to Washington in the summer of 1983 as military assistant to Weinberger, by then Reagan’s secretary of defense.

In statement responding to the letter, Weinberger said Diaz’s analysis was “flawed” and that it dismissed the significance of recent gunfire incidents.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Weinberger pushed back against the accusation in a statement to The Daily Beast.

In Weinberger, Ginsburg cleverly built her case around a man who’d been the victim of gender discrimination, one of many tactics she employed to convince mostly male courts to appreciate the harms of such discrimination.

From Ozy

“RR—All of us tell everyone in our shops to shut up,” Weinberger recorded the president saying.

Weinberger expressed surprise at how many missiles had been traded.

Weinberger helped stare down the Soviet Union without the need to commit major forces to battle.

Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger convinced Reagan to renege on his support for these cuts, so they never happened.

Ultimately, the decision fell to Secretary Caspar Weinberger, who would later lead the Defense Department under Ronald Reagan.

One saw at once that to all exterior appearances Weinberger camp was just like Doeberitz.

“I think that bleached-blond chorus girl took them,” observed Miss Weinberger.

She ordered grapefruit first, and just as she finished it, Mrs. Weinberger came into the room.

So for the rest of the meal she and Mrs. Weinberger discussed books and the current moving pictures.

The others agreed to this suggestion, and Mrs. Weinberger accepted the invitation immediately.


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