1. having been concealed to make discovery difficult or impossible

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Example Sentences

While you're watching the art, thanks to not very well hidden small cameras, it's watching you back.

I did not catch those few roses because they were well hidden behind a thicket of thorns.

If there was any nervousness, any tension, it was well hidden.

Lesson: To win the presidency, a candidate needs to have fire in the belly; he just needs to keep it well-hidden.

The new rules for kleptocrats: Keep your Bentley well hidden in the garage in Mayfair.

There was a wide shady path, well hidden by trees, and here, he made his first attempts.

He had a delicious sense of being well hidden, and had forgotten everything except the zest of the game.

Though they would show up plainly on a green field, they are well hidden among the stones along the edge of the water.

An impressive phenomenon in the sunny afternoon; with Daun expectant of them, and the Czech populations well hidden underground!

It is generally well hidden in a tussock of rushes growing in or close to the water of a mere or pond.