(well affected when postpositive) favourably disposed (towards); steadfast or loyal

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Examples from the Web for well-affected

Historical Examples of well-affected

  • "I see nothing against it," replied he, with a well-affected indifference.

    The O'Donoghue

    Charles James Lever

  • He started with well-affected surprise as Foyle greeted him.

    The Grell Mystery

    Frank Froest

  • But Cocardasse held up his hands in well-affected horror and amazement.

    The Duke's Motto

    Justin Huntly McCarthy

  • With well-affected trepidation ‘Well, friends, if I must confess this—this—’

    The Garotters

    William D. Howells

  • Outside the Admiralty he was received by some well-affected battalions.