adjective(well aired when postpositive)
  1. (of bedding, clothes, a room, etc) having been hung up or ventilated to allow air to circulate

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How to use well-aired in a sentence

  • The place was well aired and dusted, and gave me the sense of being as immaculately clean and fresh as Alderling was not.

    Questionable Shapes | William Dean Howells
  • The large and well-aired hall within was occupied by a series of tables placed at convenient distances from each other.

  • On awaking I found my friend by my side still asleep and the morning well aired.

    Life and sport in China | Oliver G. Ready
  • It was in an extremely poor neighborhood, but was fresh, pleasant, and well aired.

    Making Both Ends Meet | Sue Ainslie Clark and Edith Wyatt
  • Be sure that the dining-room has been well aired and that there is no odor of stale food left from breakfast.

    The Expert Maid-Servant | Cristine Terhune Herrick