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[ wel-bal-uhnst ]


  1. rightly balanced, adjusted, or regulated:

    a well-balanced diet.

  2. sensible; sane:

    a well-balanced mind.



  1. having good balance or proportions
  2. of balanced mind; sane or sensible

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Word History and Origins

Origin of well-balanced1

First recorded in 1620–30

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Example Sentences

When students are overweight or obese, well-balanced meals are especially important.

One group of students gave a well-balanced and coherent presentation.

And his black evening gowns with bodices swathed in sheer black organza were a well-balanced cocktail of sex and subtlety.

Losing a job often translates into cutting back the food budget, which makes it harder to put well-balanced meals on the table.

Freedom and courtesy were so well balanced in this society, that little restraint was put upon conversation.

The more normal and well balanced a community is, the greater are the child's chances of developing a well-balanced personality.

They then make fine, regular, well balanced tops which are easily kept opened out in the desired vase form.

From the preceding table plan a well-balanced and cheap dietary for one day for a family of five, two adults and three children.

Thus he is making a character, strong and well-balanced, which will be very useful to him when he comes to be a man.


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