1. fully deserved

    a well-earned rest

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Example Sentences

Far beyond his well-earned lucre, this is the reason to applaud Radcliffe the most.

The moment was well-earned (The Newsroom should take note), and, true to form, was short lived.

Work hard, keep your head down, and four to eight years later, electoral redemption would have been well earned.

It was nevertheless evident that he was quietly enjoying a well-earned triumph.

The book is excellent and you can read well earned praise for it many other reviews.

Imagine, throwing rocks at the floor to scare us all out of our well earned sleep.

Major Baker also goes on leave for about 10 days or so to-night, with various other officers who have well earned a rest.

It was certainly a sporting method, and the hunter got many skins and much local kudos, the latter being certainly well earned.

Then back in the landau again, he took a well-earned rest while Minetta and June talked.

But she herself leaned back as if resting from a newly accomplished task and well-earned triumph.