1. loved by many people; very popular

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Example Sentences

People might be surprised that during that period “Maiden Voyage,” one of your most well-loved standards, began as a TV jingle.

Dr. Corporen, who was approaching his 50th wedding anniversary, was described as a “well-loved physician” in the local community.

A brilliant youth, pretty, well loved by family and friends.

With his evasive singularity was mingled a certain exotic odour like the distant perfume of a country well loved of the sun.

Again we meet with one of the numerous, but by no means well-loved, class of Polish citizens.

They who have experienced the minutes when a well-loved one hangs between life and death can alone know what he suffered.

Revocably in love he was daily falling; but some day he would go too deep, and the waters would close over his well-loved head.

Bitter-sweet recollections warred in heart and brain as he watched the beautiful and well-loved panorama.





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