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[ wel-meyd ]


  1. skillfully built or constructed:

    a well-made sofa.

  2. strongly built; well-built:

    sturdy, well-made youngsters.



  1. made to a good or high standard

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Word History and Origins

Origin of well-made1

Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300

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Example Sentences

He said, “Egg creams are called egg creams because the top of a well-made egg cream looks like whipped egg white.”

Both require a good sense of timing: a well-made drink and a well-delivered insight.

“Very well made,” sure, but is there any joy in owning a $7,000 computer that looks like a coffee pot?

The bridge might be solid and well-made, but if an earthquake causes one or both hills to shake, the bridge is weakened.

The point by now has been well made and its repetition would lead only to cascading nastiness.

Wide and straight, well made and tree-lined throughout, it supplied the two great arteries of Indian life.

A tall, rather spare, but well-made and handsome man appeared at the door of the hut.

The former was twenty-five years old and very corpulent, the latter was fifteen and was slim and well made.

His clothes fitted him well, and displayed to advantage a figure which, although short, was well made and athletic.

Tribes of savages still have in use cords made of various materials and some of them very well made.


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