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  1. having been greeted or reviewed with approval

    his well-received books

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Example Sentences

“This tension was not well received at the Vatican,” according to Tosatti.

Singers Nancy Wilson and Billy Eckstine attended, and actor and activist Ossie Davis delivered a well-received speech.

By 2010, Hunter was directing a well received revival of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts at Access Theatre on Broadway.

Although a new pricing model caused early controversy, the final product was very well received and a sequel has been announced.

The Australian leg of the tour will no doubt be equally well received.

His brows came together in a frown, from which the Seneschal argued that his suggestion was not well received.

The speech was well received; for that Parliament was thoroughly well affected to the Government.

Puffin was always well received at The Warren; he amused the squire by the seriousness of his arguments about trifling things.

The friends of friends are friends, and are always well received no matter at what hour they may make their appearance.

He also wrote a supplement of three volumes, entitled "Lee's Lieutenants," which was exceptionally well received.