1. considered to be good morally, professionally, etc; esteemed

    a well-regarded local MP

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Example Sentences

I knew it was a very well regarded, respected, kind of edgy series.

Yes, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee are well regarded by the party faithful.

If people have jobs, and feel secure, then Obama will leave office like Clinton—popular and well-regarded.

Yet the judge, a seemingly intelligent and well-regarded woman, apparently bought it.

David Freedlander reports on the outburst by spokeswoman Barbara Morgan, previously a well-regarded flack.

Those of the animals who knew Reynard well regarded him a little uneasily, but nobody broke silence.

Thou shalt not die in a strange land, nor be buried by the Amu; thou shalt not be put in a sheepskin, thou shalt be well regarded.

It was the first attempt in this section; and Iberville may be well regarded as the father of Louisiana.

They were well regarded, these new-comers, and they began to speak French after a fashion.

Stephenson was now very well regarded at the colliery for the improvements he had made there.


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