1. having or containing sufficient goods, wares, food, etc

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Example Sentences

They then become members of the ultra elite Unit 121, granted premium housing and a well-stocked cupboard.

When FLOs purchase a toilet, they agree to keep it well-stocked with sanitary products like toilet paper and soap.

The 10-bedroom manor house has its own staff and a well-stocked wine cellar.

At Metro, a supermarket, shelves are well-stocked with goods, most of them Israeli, at seemingly exorbitant prices for Gazans.

I ask for half a dozen projectors or so in every school, and for a well-stocked storehouse of films.

A laird, in the county of Aberdeen, had a well-stocked fowl yard, but could never get any new-laid eggs for breakfast.

Certainly, one could hardly find such in Paris, which is nevertheless as well stocked with ugliness.

The gardens were well stocked with fruit and vegetables, requiring much water, but easily getting it from the 'fountain.'

The country abounded in game, and as the rivers were also well stocked with fish the supply of food was abundant.